106 Previous Versions

106 Telemetry Standards

118 Test Methods for Vehicle Telemetry Systems

119 Telemetry Applications Handbook

120 Telemetry (TM) Radio Frequency (RF) Handbook

121 Instrumentation Engineers Handbook

122 Uncertainty Analysis Principles and Methods

123 IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Programmer Handbook

124 TMATS Handbook

125 XML Style Guide

126 TMATS/IHL/DDML Schema Validation

127 DDML Handbook

128 IHAL Handbook

129 TmNS Handbook

151 Global Coordinate System

153 Error Analysis and Methods for Estimating Errors in Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Data

155 General Principles of Digital Filtering and a Survey of Filters in Current Range Use

156 Physical Constants, Units, and Uncertainty Standard

158 Data Reduction and Analysis Techniques for MDD and Scoring System

165 Guidelines for Interrange Graphics Capabilities

166 Range Graphics Benchmark

167 IRIG Standard Format for Interrange Exchange of Post-Mission Time-Space Position Information

169 Common Range Architecture Object Model Approval Process Investigation

170 Growth and Migration Plan for Data Insight

175 Test and Evaluation Metadata Best Practices

176 Test and Evaluation Metadata Reference Model

180 TRMC Big Data Analytics Implementation Guide

200 IRIG Serial Time Code Formats

209 Event Count Status

212 IRIG J Asynchronous ASCII Time Code Formats

214 Definitions of Frequency and Timing Terms, Satellite Navigation and Timing Systems and Behavior

215 Asynchronous ASCII Event Count Status Codes

216 Asynchronous ASCII Composite Count Data Format

218 TM over IP

220 Best Practices TE Test Range

250 Frequency Radars for Radar Transponders

251 IRIG Standard for Pulse Repetition Frequencies and Reference Oscillator Frequency for C-Band Radars

253 IRIG Standard Missile Antenna Pattern Coordinate System and Data Formats

255 Error Sources Applicable to Precision Trajectory Radar Calibration

256 IRIG Radar Calibration Catalog

257 Coherent C-Band Transponder Standards

260 The Radar Roadmap

261 Standard Report Format for GPS Receivers and Systems Accuracy Tests and Evaluations

262 C(G)-Band and X(I)-Band Noncoherent Radar Transponder Performance Specification Standard

264 Multiple Application Condensed Message Data Format

265 Radar Transponder Antenna System Evaluation Handbook

266 Survey Radar Refraction Error Corrections

267 Definition of Instrumentation Radar

313 Test Standards for Flight Termination Receivers and Decoders (Basic)

316 Laser Range Safety

319 Flight Termination Commonality Standard

320 Current Range Safety Capabilities

321 Common Risk Criteria

322 GPS as Real-Time Flight Safety Data Source

323 Range Safety UAVs

324 Global Positioning and Inertial Measurements Range Safety Tracking Systems Commonality Standard

326 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mishap Taxonomy for Range Safety Reviews

356 Guidelines for Atmospheric Measurements in Support of Electro-Optical Systems Testing

381 Meteorological Measurements Guide

382 A Guide for Quality Control of Surface Meteorological Data

383 Catalog of Atmospheric Acoustic Prediction Models

384 Guidelines for Organizing RCC Intercomparisons of Radiosondes

404 Design a Large Area Underwater Range Using Hearing Range Statistics

451 Photography, Motion Picture Film Cores and Spools, Perforations and Other Technical Information

452 Video Standards and Formats

453 Test Methods for Television System and Subsystems

455 Telescope and Lens Acquisition Checklist

456 Guide to Synchronization of Video Systems to IRIG Timing

457 Test Methods for Acceptance Testing of Telescopes

462 Multimedia Archiving - CD, DVD, and Blu-ray

463 Standard Testing Protocols for Hi-Speed Digital Imagers

466 Airborne Network Camera Standard

468 Testing and Validation of Timing Properties for High-Speed Digital Cameras - a Best Practices Guide

469 Weather and Atmospheric Effects on the Measurement and Use of Electro-Optical Signature Data

501 Universal Documentation System

503 Standard for Data Labels and Data Annotation Procedures

555 UAS Operations

600 Operations Security Guide

606 Range Commanders Council Cybersecurity Group Guidebook

700 Spectrum Management Guidelines

706 Frequency Management Standard Operating Procedure for Frequency Deconfliction

707 Spectrum Management Metrics Standard

751 Satellite Calibration Requirements

753 Using Satellites for Radar Performance Monitoring and Calibration

754 Radar Loop Gain Measurements

755 IRIG Optical Tracking Systems Calibration Catalog

800 Signature Data Base Functional Requirements Document

804 Radar Cross Section Certification for Static and Dynamic Measurement Facilities

805 Seismic Signature and Methodology Standard

806 Acoustic Signature Collection Methodology Standard

808 Magnetic Signature Collection and Methodology Standard

809 Standards and Procedures for Application of Radiometric Sensors

850 Identification and Ranking of Emerging Contaminants Important to DOD Operational Ranges

851 Cultural Resource Predictive Modeling

Atmospheric Refraction Measurements and Related Efforts

Commanders Guides

Conference of Coherent Radars for Range Instrumentation

Development of Electro-Optical (EO) Standard Processes for Application

Digital Imagery Compression Best Practices Guide

Enhanced Flight Termination System Study, Phase I-IV

Flight Safety System (FSS) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operation

Lease vs. Purchase

Low Altitude Tracking and Development

Methods and Techniques for Near Real-Time Data Reduction and Analysis Seminar

Range Reference Atmospheres

Range Resource Management and Scheduling

Range Safety Group - Risk Assessment Special Reports

Sensor Network Requirements - Report of Findings

Space Test Range

Space Weather Effects on Range Operations

SR-21-003 TRMC Big Data Analytics Architecture Assessment

SR-21-008 Database of Underwater Ranges and Systems Locations

SR-22-004 Interface Control Document Standards Investigation

Techniques in Data Compression

Transducer Workshops

Waveform Characterization and ACI Testing of SST and TTNT Signals

WP-23-001: Finding Improvements in the Measurement and Estimation of Wet-bulb Globe Temperature

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