The Electronic Trajectory Measurements Group (ETMG) addresses all aspects of operation, maintenance, and performance of time-space-position information (TSPI) systems. These systems include, but are not specifically limited to: instrumentation radars (tracking, imaging, and signature systems), Global Positioning System (GPS)-enabled instrumentation systems, inertial navigation systems, and other multilateration systems utilized on DoD test and training ranges. Calibration methods and accuracy verification processes are addressed with special emphasis to ensure the accuracies of these TSPI systems are measured, documented, and certified.

The ETMG promotes standardization within the TSPI arena and responds to theoretical and applied performance challenges through the technical interchange of information relating to TSPI system enhancements in the areas of performance, accuracy, data utility, and analysis. This includes systems hardware, software, operational aspects, and maintenance to the maximum extent possible. Significantly, the ETMG functions as a working-level facilitator/coordinator for the joint development and procurement of systems falling within the scope of this mission statement. This includes the development of equipment standards and the development of methods and procedures to determine and certify the accuracy of these systems. The group actively supports the long-term sustainment of these systems and their associated peculiar support equipment and calibration tools.

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