106-17 Telemetry Standards

106-17 Cover Materials

Chapter 1 Introduction

* Chapter 2 Transmitter and Receiver Systems

Chapter 3 Frequency Division Multiplexing Telemetry Standards

Chapter 4 Pulse Code Modulation Standards

Chapter 5 Digitized Audio Telemetry Standard

* Chapter 6 Recorder & Reproducer Command and Control

Chapter 7 Packet Telemetry Downlink

Chapter 8 Digital Data Bus Acquisition Formatting Standard

* Chapter 9 Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard

* Chapter 10 Digital On-board Recorder Standard

** Chapter 11 Recorder Data Packet Format Standard

** Chapter 21 Telemetry Network Standard Introduction

** Chapter 22 Network-Based Protocol Suite

** Chapter 23 Metadata Configuration

** Chapter 24 Message Formats

** Chapter 25 Management Resources

** Chapter 26 TmNSDataMessage Transfer Protocol

** Chapter 27 Radio Frequency Network Access Layer

** Chapter 28 Radio Frequency Network Management

Annex A-1 Pulse Amplitude Modulation Standards

Annex A-2 Magnetic tape Recorder and Reproducer Information and Use Criteria

Annex A-3 ADARIO Data Block Field Definitions

Annex A-4 Asynchronous Recorder Multiplexer Output Re-constructor (ARMOR)

Beginning with RCC 106-17, the appendixes that were previously stand-alone documents are now integrated with the chapters that cover the same material. This does not include four appendixes that are retired but maintained for historical purposes; these four remain stand-alone files and are renamed as annexes. The following lists new locations for the appendixes.

OriginalNew Location
Appendix A, Frequency Considerations for TelemetryChapter 2, Appendix 2-A
Appendix B, Use Criteria for Frequency Division MultiplexingChapter 3, Appendix 3-A

Appendix C, PCM Standards (Additional Information and


Chapter 4, Appendix 4-A

Appendix D, Magnetic Tape Recorder and Reproducer

Information and Use Criteria

Annex A-2
Appendix E, Deleted (Available Transducer Documentation)none
Appendix F, Continuously Variable Slope Delta ModulationChapter 5, Appendix 5-A
Appendix G, ADARIO Data Block Field DefinitionsAnnex A-3

Appendix H, Application of the Telemetry Attributes Transfer


Chapter 9, Appendix 9-A

Appendix I, Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard Cover


Chapter 9, Appendix 9-B

Appendix J, Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard Format


Chapter 9, Appendix 9-C
Appendix K, Pulse Amplitude Modulation StandardsAnnex A-1

Appendix L, Asynchronous Recorder Multiplexer Output

Re-constructor (ARMOR)

Annex A-4

Appendix M, Properties of the Differential Encoder Specified

in IRIG Standard 106 for OQPSK Modulations

Chapter 2, Appendix 2-B

* Appendix N, Telemetry Transfer Command and Control


Chapter 2, Appendix 2C
Appendix O, Floating Point FormatsChapter 9, Appendix 9-D
Appendix P, Derived Parameter SpecificationChapter 9, Appendix 9E
Appendix Q, Extended Binary Golay CodeChapter 7, Appendix 7-A

Appendix R, Low-Density Parity Check code for Telemetry


Chapter 2, Appendix 2-D
Appendix S, Space-Time Coding for Telemetry SystemsChapter 2, Appendix 2-E

* Changed

** New

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