106-11 Cover - TOC - Changes - Preface

Chapter 1 Introduction, Part I

* Chapter 2 Transmitter and Receiver Systems

Chapter 3 Frequency Division Multiplexing Telemetry Standards

* Chapter 4 Pulse Code Modulation Standards

Chapter 5 Digitized Audio Telemetry Standard

Chapter 6 Digital Cassette Helical Scan Recorder/Reproducer, Multiplexer/Demultiplexer, Tape Cassette, and Recorder Control and Command Mnemonics Standards

Chapter 7 Reserved for New Topic: "Ground-Based Digital Recording Standard (Solid State and Disk Systems)"

Chapter 8 Digital Data Bus Acquisition Formatting Standard

* Chapter 9 Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard

* Chapter 10 Digital On-board Recorder Standard

Appendix A Frequency Considerations for Telemetry

Appendix B Use Criteria for Frequency Division Multiplexing

Appendix C PCM Standards (Additional Information and Recommendations)

Appendix D Magnetic Tape Recorder and Reproducer Information and Use Criteria

Appendix E Deleted (Available Transducer Documentation)

Appendix F Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation

Appendix G ADARIO Data Block Field Definitions

Appendix H Application of the Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard

Appendix I Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard Cover Sheet

Appendix J Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard Format Example

Appendix K Pulse Amplitude Modulation Standards

Appendix L Asynchronous Recorder Multiplexer Output Re-constructor (ARMOR)

Appendix M Properties of the Differential Encoder Specified in IRIG Standard 106 for OQPSK Modulations

Appendix N Telemetry Transfer Command and Control Protocol

Appendix O Floating Point Formats

Appendix P Derived Parameter Specification

* Changed


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