The Optical Systems Group (OSG) is the RCC's center of expertise for optical imaging systems employed on Major Range and Test Facility Base facilities, tactical training ranges, and national laboratories. The OSG serves as a technical resource for the government's test and evaluation community. Key functions associated with this group include the acquisition, processing, post-processing, analysis, archiving, and distribution of imagery from both engineering sequential and time-space-position information optical systems for missions on land, in the air, underwater, and in space. The focus on imaging within the OSG extends from the ultraviolet to the long-wave infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The group provides a forum for its members to expand their knowledge base, initiate cooperative research projects, and improve individual mission performance via semi-annual technical interchange meetings, task assignments, and ad hoc committees. These meetings facilitate the evaluation of new imaging technology, the development of optics-related standards, the identification of areas for quad-Service standardization, the promotion of common range architectures, and the engineering of technical solutions for optical problems.

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