Website Login Help

General Login Guidance

Request Website Account:

Direct link to register CAC if your current CAC has not been registered to your existing account:

Many account operations involve the website system sending a Verification Code to the registered email address associated with the account.

  • There can be a delay of several minutes in receiving this email.
  • If the registered email address is no longer functioning or accessible, contact support at contact.

Under some circumstances, an account may be "locked" and after logging into the website the user will be notified of the locked status.

  • Users of locked accounts are presented with a Request Unlock link to request their account to be unlocked.

Website accounts that have been approved for a CAC exception will use a token for authentication purposes.

  • Tokens expire after 180 days.
  • Use the Reset Token mechanism to generate a website token.

Typical Login Problems

Due to security considerations, the website is not permitted to disclose the existence of usernames, email addresses, or the status of website accounts. Unfortunately, this often results in not very helpful error messages. If assistance is required, don't hesitate to send an email to contact.

CAC Login Errors (Missing Client Certificate, Internal Server Error, Network Error)

  • DoD Certificate Authority (CA) certificates may need to be installed on client computers. Please contact the system administrators of the client computer for assistance regarding installing DoD CA certificates. DoD certificates and related information can be found at DISA and
  • Persistent problems with Windows computers may indicate that Federal Bridge CA (FBCA) certificates were installed on the client computer. Those certificates may need to be removed due to a Microsoft defect with cross-certificate chaining. Please direct the system administrators to review the following FBCA Cross-Certificate Remover Tool User Guide.